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If you require a mug not covered by one of the categories on the website, just send us an email or complete the contact form below explaining your requirements. The categories listed on the home page are intended as suggestions and to make ordering easier but we can produce mugs for any occasion. If you would like to create your own design, please see the instructions and download the appropriate template here.

We can combine your photos or other images with any message of your choosing. Or, we can provide the service of designing a completely unique and customised mug for you. Below the contact form is a selection of designs produced for customers in this way. These include requests for drawings of semaphore flags, animals, a steam train and cricket equipment. We can make your mug completely personalised to your interests and preferences. If you can provide a description of how you would like the mug to appear we will work with you to achieve this. Please note, we do not produce mugs with images of famous people or cartoon characters as we would be in breach of copyright laws.

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